PoliticsTrump and DeSantis seek an end to birthright citizenship, but only the...

    Trump and DeSantis seek an end to birthright citizenship, but only the court could help them

    donald trump and Ron DeSantis want to occupy the White House in 2024 and among their campaign promises have highlighted their first immigration plans that not only include the completion of the famous wall, but both they will seek the disappearance of citizenship by birthright.

    It was during a press conference in Texas that DeSantis said he would “take steps to end the idea that the children of illegal immigrants are entitled to birthright citizenship if they are born in the United States.”

    While he did not explain how he would go about enforcing his promise, he did indicate that “hanging the award of citizenship on the future offspring of illegal immigrants is a major driver of illegal migration.”

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    And he was encouraged to say that he would force the courts to make decisions on the matter “is also inconsistent with the original understanding of the 14th Amendment, and we will force the courts and Congress to finally address this failed policy.”

    DeSantis’s campaign promise is surprising because he never imagined that he would take as a flag one of the promises that Trump made in 2015 and that he replicated years later and that he has touched on again.

    Trump promised to end birthright citizenship for the children of undocumented immigrants through an executive order, though he never followed through on that promise.

    According to the civil rights guide, the first section of the 14th Amendment establishes the principle of birthright citizenship and decrees that anyone born on US soil is a citizen of that country.

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    That is, all the rights and privileges of citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United Statesregardless of race, ethnicity or if they are children of immigrant parents.

    The Amendment 14 was ratified to rectify the judgment Dred Scott v. Sandford, of 1857, in which the Court ruled that no individual of African descent, including slaves and free persons, could ever become a citizen of the United States.

    US law also guarantees all Americans the rights contemplated in the Constitution of the United States and prohibits the states from violating the laws that limit them; while establishing that you cannot “deprive a person of life, liberty or property, without due legal process.”

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    Although the campaign promise of both DeSantis and Trump seek to end birthright citizenship, wanting to change the Constitution of the United States will not be easy and for this they must have the support of the court.

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