PoliticsTrump accuses Prosecutor Smith, the DOJ and the FBI of leaking audio...

    Trump accuses Prosecutor Smith, the DOJ and the FBI of leaking audio where he talks about the classified documents

    On Monday night, CNN television network published a new excerpt of audio where Donald Trump can be heard talking about the classified documents he deliberately removed from the White House when his term ended, especially one involving Iran.

    Although the audio was released at the beginning of this month, the fragment where discusses and displays a classified document on possible military action in Iran it’s new.

    “These are the papers” says Trump while talking about the plans to attack the Pentagon.

    Following the publication, the former president used Truth Social to drop an indictment on special counsel Jack Smith.

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    “Deranged special prosecutor Jack Smith, working in conjunction with the Department of Justice and the FBI, illegally leaked and spun a tape and transcript of me, which is actually an exonerationinstead of what they want you to believe,” Trump wrote.

    And once again he was seen as a victim “This ongoing witch hunt is another election interference scam, they are cheaters and thugs!”.

    The conversation and presentation of the classified documents took place during a meeting at Trump’s Bedminster golf club and estate; In the audio you can hear how Trump moves documents and describes them as a “big pile of papers” to the people he was with.

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    With this new leak, Trump’s claims that noor had classified documents in their possession, as he assured in a recent interview with Fox News, they put him in a somewhat difficult position.

    “There was no document. That was a lot of documents, and everything else talking about Iran and whatnot. And he may or may not have withheld, but that was not a document. I didn’t have a document, per se. There was nothing to declassify. They were newspaper stories, magazine stories and articles,” Trump told Fox.

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    So far it is known that Trump participated in that meeting in Bedminster in July 2021, as well as two of his employees, a writer and an editor.

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    Source: La Opinion

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