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    Trump accuses George HW Bush of taking millions of documents to a Chinese restaurant, Jeb Bush responds “What the hell is wrong with you?”

    Trump accuses George HW Bush of taking millions of documents to a Chinese restaurant, Jeb Bush responds "What the hell is wrong with you?"

    After donald trump said that former President George HW Bush brought important documents to a Chinese restaurant, trying to divert attention from the investigations by the archives found in Mar-a-LagoJeb Bush came to his father’s defense.

    during a rally the tycoon launched the false statement about Bush: “George HW Bush took millions of documents to an old bowling alley and an old Chinese restaurant where they were combined. So they are in a bowling alley Chinese restaurant,” Trump said during his speech.

    But what Trump said would be quickly denied by a CNN reporter.

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    Daniel Dale, who also serves as a fact-checker for the television network, noted that the National Archives “classified Bush papers for their library in a heavily secured facility (patrols, cameras, sensors) which turned out to be an old alley/restaurant. As with the Obama documents, the Archives took Chicago, Bush didn’t take them himself.”

    And Jeb Bush was not far behind and, through Twitter, responded to the lie told by Trump about his father.

    “I am so confused. My father enjoyed some good Chinese food and enjoyed the 7 10 division challenge. What the hell is wrong with you? read in his tweet.

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    Since the government documents were found at Mar-a-Lago, the tycoon has insisted that he declassified the documents. “while maintaining that a president can declassify material ‘even thinking about it’”.

    “His legal team previously agreed that “it would be appropriate for a special teacher possessed a top secret/SCI security clearance” to review the documents,” notes Ryan King of the Washington Examiner.

    “During the rally, Trump also demanded that the authorities return the seized material. A special master, an outside reviewer tasked with filtering out privileged material from the stash, is currently reviewing the records.”

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    In the past week, Trump asked the Supreme Court to block the investigation of the documents seized at Mar-a-Lago.

    Nevertheless, the judges unanimously decided to accept that the Department of Justice seized Trump’s documents.

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