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    Treasury Secretary announces trip to China in the coming days with the “task” to reduce tension

    US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will travel to Beijing from Thursday to Sunday, July 9 to meet with Chinese officials, officials said.

    During your stay, Yellen will speak with members of the Chinese government “about the importance of (the two) countries, As the world’s leading economies, manage (their) relationship responsibly,” the Treasury Department reported.

    Yellen also intends to stress the need to “maintain direct communication on issues of concern and work to address global challenges.”

    “We do not expect any significant advance (in relations between the two countries) from this trip,” said a Treasury Department official.

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    “However, We look forward to having constructive discussions and establishing longer-term communication channels” with China, added the official.

    Diplomatic and economic relations between the two powers have gradually deteriorated since the presidency of Donald Trump.

    In November, President Joe Biden met for the first time in person with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to try to de-escalate tensions.

    In mid-June, Secretary of State Antony Blinken traveled to Beijing and was received by Xi, a gesture interpreted as a diplomatic advance.

    But during a recent campaign event in California, Biden referred to Xi as a “dictator”, which Beijing considered a “provocation”.

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    The Biden administration last year imposed restrictions on the export of US semiconductors and technology components to China.

    Before that, it had upheld the tariffs set by Donald Trump on hundreds of billions of dollars of goods exported from China to the United States.

    “On this trip we want to deepen and strengthen the frequency of communication between our countries and stabilize relations, to avoid misunderstandings and expand our collaboration where possible,” said a Treasury Department official.

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