PoliticsThey visit Pennsylvania, Biden holds three massive events and Trump will hold...

    They visit Pennsylvania, Biden holds three massive events and Trump will hold a rally in support of candidates

    They visit Pennsylvania, Biden holds three massive events and Trump will hold a rally in support of candidates

    US President Joe Biden’s agenda will take him to the state of Pennsylvania for three days, which he had to reschedule after falling ill with COVID-19 that kept him isolated for several weeks. On his side, the former president Donald Trump also has his first rally scheduled the state after all the scandal related to the Department of Justice investigation against him, a visit he will make to give his support to the candidates he supports.

    For some experts it could be a harbinger of 2024, if he decides to launch his candidacies for re-election for a second term. Wilkes-Barre residents, in northeastern Pennsylvania, will receive President Biden this week, then stop Former President Donald Trump will appear this weekend.

    Pennsylvania is one of the largest political states on the map of the utmost importance for either party, although statistically Trump-backed candidates have put their jobs in jeopardy.

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    Wilkes-Barre has always run as a Democrat, but in recent decisions people have leaned Republican, so the presence of the president and former president would be of the utmost importance.

    Joe Biden appears this Tuesday at Wilkes University, where he is scheduled to give a speech focused on public safety, assault weapons ban, and resources for law enforcement to fight crime.

    Next Thursday, Biden is scheduled to deliver a prime-time speech on “the continuing battle for the soul of the nation.” which will be held in a historic location at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in the center of the city.

    President Biden completes his visit with an act together with unions next Monday in Pittsburgh, where he is expected to coincide with the Democratic candidate for the Senate, John Fetterman.

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    Donald Trump holds his first midterm general election rally, The former president will appear to support the candidates in the state on Saturday, where Republican supporters will gather at the local stadium with a capacity for 10,000 spectators.

    Doug Mastriano, who is seeking his place for governor, Mehmet Oz for Senate and congressional challenger Jim Bognet for a House seat will be at the rally to seek voter consent to favor them in the upcoming election.

    The investigation by the Department of Justice against Donald Trump and the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago mansion have made the former president’s speech more extremist, supporting his MAGA philosophy, which was described as “semi-fascism”. ” by Biden in days gone by.

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    Mehmet Oz’s campaign for Senate has taken a hit, according to a Cook Report with Amy Walter, as there is a Democratic lean in Pennsylvania what worries the Republican Party.

    Jim Bognet has expressed his gratitude to Trump for his support and claims to be grateful: “I was proud to work for President Trump in his administration to promote the America First agenda,” he told the Axios media outlet.

    “I am the only challenger in Pennsylvania endorsed by President Trump, and I am excited that the former president is having a huge rally in my district this Saturday.”

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