PoliticsThey find classified documents in the house of former US vice president...

    They find classified documents in the house of former US vice president Mike Pence.

    They find classified documents in the house of former US vice president Mike Pence.

    A dozen of Documents considered classified were found in the home of former United States Vice President Mike Pence located in Carmel, Indiana.

    According to a report published this Tuesday, it was Pence’s lawyer, Greg Jacob, who discovered these documents last week and immediately notified the National Archives to be turned over to the FBI, reveals CNN.

    It was Mike Pence himself who asked his lawyer to conduct a precautionary review to his new address to find out whether or not there were classified documents.

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    In the place the lawyer found four boxes where there was a small amount of documents with official sealsanonymous sources pointed out to the American chain.

    This information is given at a time when Mike Pence repeatedly denied having classified documents in his possession and remained highly critical of US President Joe Biden over the documents.

    It is expected that Mike Pence’s team will notify Congress about this new discovery of documents shortly.

    In this way Mike Pence joins the list of politicians who have found classified documents such as US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

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    Source: La Opinion

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