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    The US assures that it will defend aid to Ukraine at the G20 meeting

    The United States will seek to increase financial assistance to Ukraine to deal with the war with Russia, and will push for debt restructuring at G20 Finance meeting which will begin tomorrow in India, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said today.

    “A key priority this week is to redouble our support for Ukraine as it continues to defend itself against the illegal and unprovoked attack by RussiaYellen told a news conference in the Indian city of Gandhinagar on the eve of the G20 Finance and Central Bank Ministers meeting.

    The Treasury secretary highlighted the importance that “foreign assistance is making in the lives of Ukrainian civilians and on the front lines of the Ukrainian army”, and the importance it has in ending the war.

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    “It’s the best we can do for the global economy,” he said.

    In this sense, he assured that the United States will support Ukraine “as long as it is necessary.”

    Financial assistance to Ukraine is to help keep the government runningand Washington will also continue to “cut off Russia’s access to the military equipment and technologies it needs to wage war,” it said.

    The United States also continues to put great pressure on China so that it participates together with the rest of the creditor countries and financial institutions in the restructuring of the debt of several developing economies and in crisis such as Sri Lanka or Ghana.

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    “This week I will continue to push for the full and timely participation of all official bilateral creditors in pending debt restructuring caseshe said today.

    The finance chiefs of the “Group of Twenty” are also trying to advance together in the implementation of a global minimum tax on international profit to make multinationals pay appropriate rates and can compete on equal terms with small companies.

    The third G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Meeting, under the Indian presidency, will be held on the 17th and 18th in Gandinagar, capital of the western state of Gujarat, in India.

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    With information from Efe.

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