PoliticsThe US and Mexico agree to exchange information on cybersecurity

    The US and Mexico agree to exchange information on cybersecurity

    The United States and Mexico agreed to exchange information on cybersecurity during the first meeting they held on this subject since the launch of the Bicentennial Meeting, the new bilateral strategy to combat crime.

    “Cybersecurity is an increasingly relevant area for society. During the meeting, the delegations addressed various aspects of the institutional structure and the strategy of each country to face threats in cyberspace”, both governments detailed this Thursday in a joint statement.

    At the meeting, which took place on August 10, The two countries shared strategies to “raise awareness” about internet security and agreed to cooperate to protect critical infrastructure.

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    Both countries have committed to exchanging intelligence information on cyber threats, training federal and state agencies in cybersecurity, and preparing a meeting of cyber experts with Canada.

    “A secure, resilient and stable cyberspace is essential for the development of the public and private sectors and for people around the world to benefit from the free flow of information online,” they claimed.

    Cybersecurity has become “a priority in the bilateral relationship between the United States and Mexico“, a topic that they have included in their latest high-level dialogues on economic and security matters.

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    On the occasion of the 200 years of bilateral relationship, the governments of Joe Biden in the United States and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico launched last year the Bicentennial Meeting, the new security strategy that replaces the Merida Initiative and that seeks to cooperate in areas beyond the military.

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    Source: La Opinion

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