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    The United States will finally take action against arms trafficking to Mexico that empower cartels, according to new agreement

    A new agreement against the cartels is about to be made public between Mexico and the United States, but it will be a little different from previous versions of the strategies, since for the first time there would be a focus against arms trafficking.

    The plan is two-pronged: Mexico will crack down on laboratories where fentanyl is produced and contraband, while the United States will seek to stop the flow of weapons.

    This was revealed by an NBC News report, which consulted two sources familiar with the strategy.

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    “The Mexican military and police, with the help of US law enforcement, will focus on tracking raw materials for fentanyl being shipped to Mexico,” the report states.

    It should be noted that a 2021 DEA report establishes that the precursors for the production of fentanyl come from China and European countries, a good part reaches the US and Canada, from there to Mexico, where fentanyl is produced in illegal way.

    In Mexico, the authorities will focus on finding and “closing the laboratories that manufacture” the deadly fentanyl, as well as prosecuting the culprits.

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    The government of President Joe Biden agreed to “more strictly control and track the crossing of firearms” that are trafficked into Mexico.

    “The tentative agreement is the result of months of tense discussions between senior officials of the Biden Administration and the Mexican government,” the report states.

    The governments of both countries have faced criticism over a failed policy against fentanyl, after trafficking in the drug has increased sharply in the past three years.

    However, although Republicans mainly point to Mexico, data from the CATO Institute reveal that 99% of that drug is trafficked through legal access points to the US, and that 86% of people sentenced for fentanyl trafficking are americans.

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    Source: La Opinion

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