PoliticsThe United States and Mexico recognize that the fight against arms trafficking...

    The United States and Mexico recognize that the fight against arms trafficking is essential to confront drug trafficking

    After intense pressure from Mexico from different fronts, the governments of President Joe Biden and Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador placed the arms trafficking with a key element to confront organized crime.

    “We remain committed to addressing firearms trafficking that contributes to violence and destruction on both sides of our shared border,” a White House report states. “interrupt and dismantling firearms trafficking networks is essential for our shared efforts to combat illicit fentanyl.”

    This Monday, a delegation from the Biden Administration, led by National Security Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, met with the Mexican president, also known as AMLO, where they discussed fentanyl trafficking and additional efforts against drug cartels.

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    The Mexican president has pushed the fight against arms trafficking, considering that it is necessary to reduce the power of the cartels and, in response, the Biden Administration has taken some actions, including promoting the Bipartisan Security Law that includes arms trafficking as a crime, something that did not exist in the US.

    The meeting, which was also attended by the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodriguez, reinforced the action plan under the Bicentennial Framework for Security, Public Health and Secure Communities of the US and Mexico, focused on combating drug traffickers, interrupting the supply of chemical precursors used to manufacture fentanyl and preventing the trafficking of said drug.

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    The meeting is a follow-up to previous agreements led by Sherwood-Randall and Rodriguez.

    In the meeting, the migration issue was also a key element, following up on the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, signed in June 2022.

    “The United States and Mexico pledged to further expand the availability of legal avenues throughout the regionincluding Mexico and the United States,” the report states.

    The plan also includes investment and development efforts in Central America, in order to reduce irregular immigration.

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    Both countries pledged to promote infrastructure projects that support “border communities and benefit both nations.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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