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    The Supreme Court renews restrictions on carrying weapons in public places in New York

    The Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed a law of gun control of the state of NY remain in force.

    New York state law that prohibits the carrying of weapons in public places, was enacted in the wake of a landmark high court ruling in June that dramatically expanded the right to carry weapons outside the home, and the decision by Supreme Court justices allows that it continue to apply, while a legal challenge against him filed after that same court issued a historic ruling last year that allows them to be worn in public in that state is reviewed.

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    In June 2022, The Supreme Court issued a ruling that eliminated the so-called “New York exception” to carrying weapons outside the home, legal in most of the US, after which state legislators banned carrying them in many public places and tightened gun licensing requirements.

    The highest judicial forum in the country decided today that New York’s gun control law stands pending an appeal, backed by a “lobby” of gun advocates, who argues that the restrictions imposed by New York law go against the constitutional right to carry arms in public for self-defense.

    In the decision, conservative judges Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas indicate that the New York standard “raises new and serious issues”, but they maintain it by clarifying that it does not “express any opinion on the validity” of the current appeal.

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    magistrates thus suspending a previous order from a federal judge that paralyzed the ban on the carrying of weapons in sensitive places and other control measures while its legality was being resolved, although they suggest to complainants that they not be “dissuaded by today’s order.”

    The decision was applauded by New York Attorney General Letitia James, who claimed the “right to apply common sense measures to protect” society, and by the mayor of the Big Apple, Eric Adams, who considered the law “essential to contain the rivers that feed the sea of ​​armed violence.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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