PoliticsThe president's doctor says Joe Biden 'remains fit for work'

    The president’s doctor says Joe Biden ‘remains fit for work’

    The President’s Physician Joe Biden said that “the president remains fit to perform his duty” in a report released by the White House on Thursday.

    Biden, 80, traveled to Walter Reed Medical Center aboard Marine One Thursday morning for his annual physical, and Dr. Kevin O’Connor released a written summary of the president’s physical later that afternoon.

    Kevin C. O’Connor, the president’s longtime physician, said in the letter released by the White House that Biden’s health hasn’t changed much since his last physical about 15 months ago.

    Biden is “fitted to successfully execute the duties of the presidency, including those of CEO, head of state, and commander-in-chief,” Dr. O’Connor reported.

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    According to his health summary, Biden is currently undergoing treatment for multiple “stable” medical conditions including non-valvular atrial fibrillation, hyperlipidemia, GERD, seasonal allergies, “mild” sensory peripheral neuropathy of both feet, and the way he moves. , which “is still stiff but has not worsened since last year.”

    His laboratory work, which included a complete metabolic panel (CMP), urinalysis, complete blood count (CBC), and monitoring of vitamin D and magnesium levels, was normal.

    A change that was observed it was a small lesion on the president’s chest that was removed during the exam and sent for a traditional biopsy.

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    O’Connor added that the president has not experienced any “residential symptoms that could be considered prolonged COVID,” after testing positive for the coronavirus twice in July.

    The results of Biden’s medical examination come as rumors are growing about the possibility that he will soon announce his campaign for re-election in 2024, something he has been saying he will do for months now.

    Different surveys show that Democratic voters are concerned about Biden’s age, while some Republicans have used his seniority to attack him and question whether he should continue to lead the country.

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    The last time Bien underwent a medical examination was in November 2021. So, she was under anesthesia for a colonoscopy and Vice President Kamala Harris assumed the Presidency for that brief 85-minute period.

    Kamala Harris was the first woman in United States history to hold the Presidency, albeit temporarily.

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    Source: La Opinion

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