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    The jail where Donald Trump would be held in Atlanta has a history of outbreaks of COVID, lice and scabies

    After being accused by Fani Willis, Fulton County District Attorney, of 13 counts for allegedly trying to intervene in the 2020 Georgia election, Former President Donald Trump could face a prison term in a jail with a history of COVID-19 outbreaks, head lice and scabies.

    In accordance with instructions issued by Willis, Trump and 18 other people designated as accomplices have until before August 25 to turn themselves in voluntarily and accept their guilt.

    If you accept the prosecutor’s offer, Those involved must go to the Rice Street Jail, Atlanta, a building built in Fulton County in 1985, to originally house about 1,300 inmates, but which has grown to hold more than 3,000 prisoners, which makes it a dirty place and almost demolished in some areas with broken equipment.

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    Faced with the remote possibility that Donald Trump accepts of his own free will to turn himself in to the authorities, Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat testified before various media that the officials under his charge would follow the normal procedure when prosecuting the former presidentwhich would imply first handcuffing him and then taking his fingerprints and a registration photograph.

    Regarding the place where the politician would temporarily stay 77 year old Republican the Southern Center for Human Rights released a few months ago presenting “unsanitary living conditions” linked to outbreaks of COVID-19, lice and even scabies.

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    About, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office describes its jail as eroding real estate quickly and therefore requires the construction of a new one with an approximate value of $1.7 billion dollars.

    It should be noted that, in September last year, the american civil liberties union (ACLU), a non-profit and progressive organization in the United States, issued a report mentioning that 117 people had waited for more than a year in Rice Street Jail for sentencing; while at least another dozen had been in the same situation for up to two years.

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    Under said reference, Donald Trump and his 18 alleged accomplices would have to face a similar situation, Only if they were to hypothetically reach that situation, they would first have to be tried, which would take place until next year to give their lawyers time to prepare their respective defense strategies.

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