PoliticsThe impeachment trial begins against Ken Paxton, Republican attorney general of Texas,...

    The impeachment trial begins against Ken Paxton, Republican attorney general of Texas, accused of bribery

    Everything is ready to begin the impeachment trial of Ken Paxton, Republican attorney general of Texas, accused of bribery by state senators from his own political party.

    Paxton, who will be the third person to stand trial for impeachment in the history of the Texas legislature, faces 16 charges related to allegations of bribery, dereliction of duty and breach of official duty against

    In this sense, His legal process focuses on his relationship with Nate Paul, a real estate developer from Austin, Texas.

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    Based largely on complaints from former members of the state House of Representatives and an FBI investigation, It is argued that the attorney general used his power to help a wealthy donor, who in return performed favors that included hiring a woman with whom Paxton had an extramarital affair.

    Thus, In May of this year, the House of Representatives voted to remove Paxton from the position he had held for three terms, but also to place him in the dock. for a legal sanction to be imposed.

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    About, Ken Paxton argues that it is all a farce implemented against him for political reasons and to remove him from office.

    It should be noted that to convict the prosecutor, a two-thirds majority or 21 senators is required, which implies that, if the 12 Democrats in the Senate vote against him, it would also be necessary for at least nine of the 19 Republicans to join them.

    In 2020, eight of Paxton’s top aides reported to the FBI that the attorney general was breaking the law to help Nate Paul, This action caused them to be fired by the prosecutor as retaliation.

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    However, Paxton’s alleged crimes date back at least five years, when he was formally accused of securities fraud, although he has not yet been tried.

    It turned out that these irregularities will not yet be addressed by the Senate, but The investigation into his person remains open and more charges could be filed against him.this is considered relevant.

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