PoliticsThe controversial photograph of Donald Trump arrested has generated more than $9...

    The controversial photograph of Donald Trump arrested has generated more than $9 million in donations

    Far from harming Donald Trump’s political aspirations, the dissemination of his photograph when he was booked by the Georgia authorities produced $9.4 million in donations. to move forward, this in agreement with his campaign team.

    According to Steven Cheung, spokesperson for the New York tycoon, On Friday alone, $4.1 million dollars were raised and by Saturday the figure increased to $7.1 million dollars.

    In this sense, The amount of money is attributed to the fact that the former president posted the photograph of his arrest on platform X, formerly known as Twitter, and also published it on the campaign website.

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    Both actions encouraged his supporters to take on the task of purchasing the products promoted online with his face printed on them.

    For his part, The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office released Trump’s image as the first in U.S. history of a former president arrested.

    And the 77-year-old New Yorker is one of the 19 accused by Fani Willis, Fulton County district attorney, for allegedly trying to intervene in the results of the presidential elections that took place in Georgia in 2020.

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    However, far from this incident having brought down Trump’s popularityseems to have fueled the desire of his sympathizers to contribute to his cause, since One day before the end of the month, $20 million dollars has been raised.

    Only for sales linked to products with the photograph of the Republican in Fulton prison $1.7 million dollars have been raised, which was generated through the sale of 36 thousand t-shirts; $864 thousand dollars thanks to the marketing of 24 thousand coffee cups; and $352 thousand dollars obtained through the sale of 8,600 posters.

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    However, It was clarified that not a single cent of this money will be used to cover the legal expenses of the Republican candidate, but it will be used to carry out political and campaign activities.

    In this sense, a large part of Trump’s legal fees and the money his defense demands in court have been covered by the Save America PAC.

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