PoliticsTed Cruz speculates that a high official would be responsible for the...

    Ted Cruz speculates that a high official would be responsible for the cocaine found in the White House

    The discovery of cocaine in the White House continues to be a controversial issue in the US political sphere. and in the face of the silence that he has kept since the presidency, leaving it to the Secret Service to discover who introduced it, Senator Ted Cruz left open the possibility that the drug belonged to a high-ranking official, who was allegedly being covered up.

    Cruz does not believe that Hunter Biden, son of the nation’s president and a drug addict in rehabilitation, is responsible of having introduced cocaine into the presidential compound, but he affirms that perhaps a high official is behind it.

    As part of the topics that he addresses in his podcast “Verdicto”, The Republican senator ruled out the first hypothesis that emerged at the beginning of the week about who could be the owner of a bag the size of a 10-cent coin containing cocaine.

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    I think it’s probably not from Hunter. We know Hunter has a drug problem. We know he’s used cocaine and crack in the past, but I doubt Hunter Biden would walk into the West Wing that often and walk through that entrance that often.”indicated.

    Immediately afterwards, Raphael Edward Cruz launched his own theory and even mentioned that the truth may not be known.

    “I think that it is very likely that it is someone who works in the Biden administration, some high-ranking Biden official, which makes the cover-up even more surprising,” he emphasized.

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    In addition, the 52-year-old politician admitted to being surprised by the lack of capacity shown by the Secret Service by still not finding the person responsible for the drug.

    “That’s crazy. And the only reason they would put out a statement saying we’ll never know who it was is the same reason the Justice Department and the FBI are involved in a cover-up of the criminal acts of Hunter Biden, of the criminal acts of Joe Biden,” he said.

    Finally, Ted Cruz ruled that the identity of the person responsible may never be revealed of daring to violate all the security controls that exist in the White House.

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    “Unfortunately this administration is more than willing to politicize, look, it would be embarrassing if we found out that a senior White House aide is bringing cocaine into the West Wing. And then his response is, of course, we’re not going to prosecute. We are not going to investigate it. And you know what, we will never know who did it, ”she concluded.

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