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    Student debt relief plan will be investigated by Republicans when they take control of the House.

    The Republicans had already mentioned on constant occasions that after the midterm elections, if they obtained a majority in the House, they would begin a series of investigations against the Biden administration, now that they have achieved their goal. are preparing to investigate the student debt relief bill which was currently blocked by a judge.

    On November 17, Republican Representatives Jason Smith and Virginia Foxx, of the House budget and education committees, they sent a letter to Shalanda Young, director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in which they wrote about Joe Biden’s recent actions to reform student policy.

    On Tuesday, the president posted on his Twitter account that he extended the moratorium on federal student loan payments until June 30, 2023, as the courts review his plan to forgive up to $20,000 in student debt for certain borrowers.

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    “I’m sure our student debt relief plan is legal. But it’s on hold because Republican officials want to block it. That’s why [el secretario de Educacion, Miguel Cardona] is extending the payment pause no later than June 30, 2023, giving the Supreme Court time to hear the case in its current term,” the president wrote.

    For their part, the Republicans requested that the OMB retain all records related to the “expensive plan by the president to overhaul the federal student loan program.”

    It is critical that the Biden Administration be as transparent as possible with the American people. about the projected costs and economic impacts associated with these policies, particularly how such fiscal impacts were taken into account when the details of the policies were debated and ultimately determined,” the lawmakers wrote, Business Insider reported.

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    For example, after a full year of runaway inflation, with no signs of abating In the near term, Americans deserve to know if the OMB considered how these actions would worsen inflation.”

    With a majority in the House, Republicans will use that power to investigate the Biden administration, as Kevin McCarthy specified to Fox News when considering investigations into how President Biden handled the pandemic and his troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, among other things. stuff.

    Virginia Foxx and other Republican lawmakers have been very critical of debt relief and have supported the two lawsuits that have put their implementation on hold.

    The administration is fending off two separate rulings that halted the student loan forgiveness plan, which will offer up to $10,000 to eligible borrowers making less than $125,000. Additionally, Pell Grant recipients can receive up to $20,000 in aid.

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    Before the lockdowns, 26 million people had registered, applying for the program until a federal judge froze it on November 10, prompting the government to stop accepting applications, though no debt has been canceled so far, but the Department of Education has notified borrowers that their applications have been approved.

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    Source: La Opinion

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