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    Six of the seven Republican candidates would defeat Joe Biden in the elections, survey reveals

    If the presidential election were held at this time, Joe Biden could only defeat one of the seven candidates for the Republican nomination, this according to a survey carried out by the television network CNN.

    The results of the survey carried out through the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) application place the current president of the nation in a very vulnerable situation.

    To begin with, 61% of the people consulted disapprove of his job performance.

    In addition, About 60% of Democrats are concerned about their ability to win the election.

    Regarding the possibility of extending his term of government, 62% of Democrats and 76% of all respondents expressed being seriously concerned about completing this term.

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    Thus, 46% of respondents agreed that any Republican presidential candidate would be better than Biden.

    Hence, among the Democrats, 67% would like the party to nominate someone different to run for president.

    Under this approach, is how the most disappointing data for Joe Biden’s aspirations emerged.

    Faced with the possibility of a possible rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, 47% of those surveyed would be inclined to choose the 77-year-old Republican; against the 46% who would vote for the current president.

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    Furthermore, the data reveal that Five of the seven Republican candidates would defeat the president in a hypothetical battle at the polls, with the most worrying being Nikki Haley.

    The former governor of South Carolina would win the elections with 49% of the votes compared to 42% for Joe Biden.

    For their part, former President Mike Pence and Senator Tim Scott would also win with 46% support compared to 44% for the current president.

    Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, is another of Biden’s possible winners, as he would have the support of 44% compared to the president’s 42%.

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    Regarding Ron DeSantis, he would equal 47% with Joe Biden and then it would be decided to define the winner of the elections through an alternative resource.

    According to the survey data, The only candidate that Joe Biden could beat would be businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, but it would be by a small margin of 46% against 45%.

    Thus, the current head of the White House has a lot of work left to solve, since it requires a great campaign to avoid losing the elections.

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