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    Scott Jennings Says Some Republicans Are Waiting For A Mistake From Ron DeSantis Before The Election

    Looking ahead to next year’s presidential elections in the United States, the Republican Party is still defining who or who will be their pre-candidates.

    Until now, the trend marks that Donald Trump would seek to run for a second term in the White House.

    Likewise, andThe other candidate from the red party would be Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida, for whom the polls that measure the intention to vote, in theory, show good acceptance among the electorate.

    However, within the Republican party there is some mistrust that the 44-year-old politician can displace the 76-year-old veteran tycoon.

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    Other smaller potential candidates could include Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota; Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia; Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the UN.

    During an interview with Axios, Republican strategist Scott Jennings pointed out that Ron DeSantis does not end up convincing his fellow party members to the degree that even some would only be waiting for him to make a mistake so that he would rule himself out of the electoral contest.

    “Everyone not named DeSantis is having a hard time finding their way around him. So they’re waiting for it to go wrong or fade away.”indicated.

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    It is striking that almost two years before the 2020 elections, 18 Democrats had expressed their intention to challenge then-President Donald Trump in the electoral contest.

    Nevertheless, to date, no Republican has yet declared himself a candidate to fight for the position currently held by Joe Biden in the White House.

    In this sense, the strategist Jennings is convinced that no one from the red party wants to anticipate Trump and although some pre-candidate emerges, that will be until we know if the former president runs for office again.

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    The doubts that revolve around Ron DeSantis is about his unwillingness to declare his intentions, this despite the strong card that governs the state that for many years was considered a bastion of the Democrats means.

    Some experts say the Jacksonville native would run until May, when Florida’s legislative session concludes.

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