PoliticsScandal in the Supreme Court by judges who accept lavish gifts

    Scandal in the Supreme Court by judges who accept lavish gifts

    Republican Senators Seek Action Against Supreme Court Justices, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, for accepting luxury vacations from conservative donors.

    In their bid, Republicans are leaning on Chief Justice John Roberts to issue a code of ethics.

    “These legislators want Roberts to take the issue of legislation out of the hands of Congress by issuing a judicial code of ethics or some other updated statement of principles,” says a report by The Hill.

    This comes after Democrats have promoted a reform that allows the creation of ethical guidelines in the Supreme Court.

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    Although Republicans do not support that proposal, they recognize that there are a serious problem with the judgessomething that is difficult to defend, so they appeal to Chief Justice Roberts.

    “I don’t want Congress to start micromanaging the court, but I think it would build trust if they were more clear on some of these things,” acknowledged Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina).

    ProPublica reported on Judge Samuel Alito, who in 2008 flew a private jet owned by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer to a luxury Alaskan fishing lodge.

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    That same publication noted earlier this year that Judge Thomas had accepted luxury trips and other benefits from Republican donor Harlan Crow.

    Those actions by Judge Thomas spanned two decades, according to the report.

    Alito’s case is also worrying, since in 2014 he did not step aside on a case of the Argentine Republic against US creditors, including Singer.

    “Singer’s hedge fund finally got a $2.4 billion payout after the Supreme Court ruled 7-1 in his favor,” the report states.

    Source: La Opinion

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