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    Rudy Giuliani suggests they hire him to find the owner of the cocaine discovered in the White House

    Due to the scandal that has been generated in the White House due to the discovery of a dose of cocaine inside, Rudy Giulianiformer senior member of Donald Trump’s legal team, he suggested that they hire him to find out who owns the drug.

    Sunday night, while the Secret Service made a routine round of the presidential compound a bag was discovered inside which was a strange type of dust.

    The finding led to the temporary evacuation of the compound because it was thought that it could be a type of explosive. However, it was later confirmed that it was cocaine.

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    What is unusual about the case is that During the week the version of the exact site where the drug was found has been changed three times and it was also said that the dose came inside a small bag the size of a 10-cent coin.

    All these modifications in the information They have placed the Secret Service in a difficult situation, since they ceded the entire responsibility of discovering the identity of the owner of the drug.

    In this regard, in an interview with Newsmax, Giuliani dared to question the work of the Secret Service.

    “What kind of security do we have in the White House?” Said the 79-year-old politician who took the opportunity to launch a proposal addressed to the president.

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    “Why don’t you appoint me and give me a couple of… lie detector analysts and a couple of forensic experts, and I’ll get them,” he said.

    In addition, the former governor of New York accused Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, of lying when affirming that the cocaine was found in a very busy part of the presidential compound.

    “First of all, We’ll find out everyone who passed through that area. It is not very busy. That’s absurd. That lying press secretary made it sound like it was Grand Central Station.“, he emphasized.

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    Until now, it is mentioned that the alkaloid dose was actually discovered in a cubicle near where some vehicles are parked, such as the vice president’s limousine or van.

    The truth is that the new version raises many questions and an enormous workload for the Secret Service with the possibility that in the end the owner of the drug will not be discovered, ‘Because there is no certainty that the analysis of DNA and fingerprints will reveal it.

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