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    Ron DeSantis will be the candidate they will try to attack the most in the Republican debate in the absence of Trump

    David Polyansky, deputy campaign manager for Ron DeSantis anticipates thatIn the absence of Donald Trump, the governor of Florida will be the one who receives the most comments from his opponents during the first debate of the presidential primaries organized by the Republican National Committee (RNC).

    Just as Milwaukee is projected to become the epicenter of the Republican Party for a few hours as well it is contemplated that eight candidates for the candidacy heading to the electoral elections next year will try to propose that they are the best option to stop the re-election of Democrat Joe Biden.

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    However, in order to make it clear to the citizens the strength of his ideas, Ron DeSantis must first impose them on those of his fellow party members, questioning their respective projects and even their trajectories.

    In the absence of Donald Trump, who has an advantage of more than 30 points in the vote intention polls, this with respect to his closest adversary, the center of the debate will fall on DeSantis.

    About, Polyansky sees this as a tremendous opportunity to better position the current governor of Florida in the polls.

    “DeSantis in particular has a chance to explain to Republican voters why he deserves to be their nominee based on his proven track record conservative and his vision to reverse America’s decline. And also why do you feel that no one is going to receive this nomination,” said the expert adviser in an interview with Fox News.

    However, the task of the Florida politician will be complicated, because according to Polyansky it is very likely that most of your adversaries will try to outshine you.

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    You’ll get the most feedback from all the candidates on and off stage because they recognize it’s a two-person race. Despite all the noise, he will have to appear on the debate stage and make his proposal before the Republican voters,” he emphasized.

    The truth is that, due to the drop registered for more than a week in his level of popularity and support from Republicans registered on the electoral roll, Ron DeSantis needs an injection of credibility into his speech, otherwise the campaigns of rivals like Vivek Ramaswamy or Chris Christie could cause problems for him in the coming weeks, at least that shows the projection of some polls.

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