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    Ron DeSantis threatens to send the Navy and the Coast Guard to Mexico against cartels

    The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis said he would send the Navy and Coast Guard to Mexicoor if the government of that country does not help prevent the passage of chemical precursors for the production of drugs.

    “We will also establish direct action as necessary to contain cartel activities,” de DeSantis said. “If the Mexican government does not do something to stop chemical precursors for drugs reaching the hands of cartels through Mexican ports, then we’ll send the Coast Guard and the Navy“.

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    The Florida governor is not the first Republican to promote military action in Mexico, but he is the first to signal direct action.

    The ex-president Donald Trump said he regretted not taking military action against cartelsin addition to asking his advisers for a plan to confront criminal organizations, due to the increase in deaths from fentanyl in the US.

    DeSantis has been a critic of border surveillance and has made a link between drug cartels and immigration.

    This Monday he also announced actions to stop irregular immigration, such as canceling citizenship by birth, increasing the border wall and sending the Army.

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    Sunday night, DeSantis toured the Texas border, where he authorized the dispatch of 1,100 members of the Florida Police and National Guard.

    The governor’s ideas are similar to those of former President Trump whom he is running against in the internal Republican Party race, but according to recent polls he receives less support.

    DeSantis also said he will work with Panama to “close” the Darien Gap, a stretch of jungle that migrants cross on their way to the US.

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    Source: La Opinion

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