PoliticsRon DeSantis plans to veto the access of transgender people to the...

    Ron DeSantis plans to veto the access of transgender people to the Armed Forces

    In the government project of the candidate for the Republican candidacy ahead of next year’s presidential elections, Ron DeSantis, the incursion of transgender people into the Armed Forces is not contemplated.

    Thus, intends to implement a restructuring in various areas with an approach opposed to the policy of incursion that has been promoted in recent years.

    During a campaign event held in Columbia, South Carolina, andhe 44-year-old politician said that if he reached the White House, he would address the recruitment problems facing the military by stripping it of the so-called “wake-up” policy.

    “I think people see the military losing its way, not focused on the mission, and because of that they have a problem with recruiting,” he said.

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    Under this vision, DeSantis’ bill would no longer allow transgender personnel to serve in the military as their preferred sex, as Executive Order 14004 would be repealed.

    In this sense, the proposal is aimed at dispensing with the managers of Diversity and Inclusion for each military department and end all DEI hiring, as well as end drag shows on military bases.

    In addition, former military leaders who participate in politics would be punished and end programs designed to prepare the country’s national defense system for a future of climate change.

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    “There was no greater honor than knowing that I wore the clothes of my country when I served in the military, but the fighting force of our once proud nation has been infected and paralyzed by a political agenda,” he argued.

    In fact, the policy proposals are aligned with similar actions launched in Floridawhere it prohibited universities from spending on diversity and inclusion programs.

    However, this has backfired for him outside the state he governs, at least as evidenced by the lack of force his campaign registers, especially since at the end of the heavy month he faced multiple negative criticisms for having broadcast a video on his social networks where he showed his rejection of the LGTBQ+ community, even relying on images from Donald Trump’s past.

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    According to various surveys that measure the acceptance of citizens with Republican politicians, the distance that separates DeSantis from Trump continues to be close to 30 points in favor of the New Yorker without a single sign that it can be reversed in at least the next few days.

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