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    Ron DeSantis met with funders to propose a more modest and effective campaign

    With the aim of avoiding a rout of his campaign, since the most recent surveys that measure the intention to vote of citizens show that his popularity not only remains stagnant, but has decreased, The candidate Ron DeSantis held a meeting with a group of donors and fundraisers who support his project focused on obtaining the Republican candidacy for the presidential elections next year.

    The meeting was held in Utah, where Florida’s governor vowed to give his campaign a new direction and as a sign of that, in the coming weeks he will focus less on his victories in Florida politics and more on his vision for the country.

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    In addition, advisers to the 44-year-old challenger acknowledged the campaign needs to cut costs as fundraising fell short of expectations and expenses piled up.

    Thus, Recently, at least 10 team collaborators were fired with the aim of having a less robust payroll, since it reached the equivalent of $1,000,000 dollars.

    Another point to take into account is that campaign events will now be in smaller venues.

    The new nuance of the campaign will consist of presenting DeSantis as an “insurgent” candidate, Well, according to Generra Peck, his campaign manager, this better captures the essence of the candidate.

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    Every time he’s been underestimated, dismissed, or dismissed, he’s proven his enemies wrong. From winning his first congressional race to beating Adam Putnam, a Tallahassee pundit in 2018, to challenging the bureaucracy entrenched in COVID.”

    For his part, Nick Iarossi, a Florida fundraiser, said Ron DeSantis’ campaign shift was well received by donors who support him.

    “Everyone’s attitude was positive, but they know they need to continue raising more money and we must continue to do better,” he stressed.

    This way, It will be for a few weeks when the adjustment of the campaign of the Florida candidate can be measured who in a poll conducted by Harvard Harris is located 40 points behind Donald Trump.

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