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    Ron DeSantis makes the controversial video that caused anger among the LGTBQ + community disappear

    Surprisingly and without presenting any message in this regard, the campaign team of Ron DeSantis removed from his Twitter account the video that pointed to Donald Trump as complacent with LGBTQ + problems, but at the same time sent a strong message to said community.

    maybe the signs of rejection that arose from the message released by the governor of Florida and the possibility that these impact even more negatively on his campaign to become the Republican candidate who will contend for the presidency in next year’s elections, they forced him to take a step back.

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    One of the first to raise his voice against of the 44-year-old politician was George Santos, the first openly gay Republican elected to Congress, who acknowledged feeling “used” by DeSantis after he supported Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill last year.

    “I used to think he was a great governor. Now, I’m starting to think differently, ”he said after seeing the video leaked by his campaign team.

    And it is that he video which was published towards the end of “Pride Month”, featured clips of Donald Trump when he was running for president in 2016. In them, promised to support LGBT rights. Yet nearly halfway through the issue featured headlines about DeSantis signing “the most extreme list of anti-trans laws in modern history.” and a “draconian anti-trans bathroom bill.”

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    Besides, Due to the nature of the message contained in the video, it was considered too repressive and even the producers of the television series Peaky Blinders and the actor Cillian Murphy noted their disagreement. for having used images owned by the production without first consulting them.

    All of these points had a negative impact on DeSantis’ campaign. whom the latest Real Clear Politics polls do not support regarding the work that Donald Trump is doing.

    Despite the fact that the governor of Florida revealed that he raised more than double the money in his first six weeks of campaigning compared to the former president, the trend indicates that it remains up to 30 points below in the preference of citizens.

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    Under this scenario, downloading the controversial video from the Twitter account shows what could be a shift in the campaign of the man who aspires to appear on next year’s ballot.

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