PoliticsRon DeSantis claims to be ready for the next Republican debate, with...

    Ron DeSantis claims to be ready for the next Republican debate, with or without Trump’s presence

    Ron DeSantis, candidate for the Republican Party candidacy ahead of next year’s presidential elections, He declared that he was ready to appear at the second Republican debate to be held on September 27, from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, in Simi Valley, California.

    After having faced as governor the damage caused by Hurricane Idalia in northern Florida, The 44-year-old politician intends to resume his campaign with the aim of getting his name on the ballot to reach the White House.

    So, DeSantis will try to get a result similar to the one achieved in the exchange of ideas that the applicants had last month in Milwaukee.

    In the absence of Donald Trump at the first debate hosted by the Republican National Committee, it was expected that most of the candidates would dedicate themselves to attacking DeSantis’ campaign proposals, but instead, the questions focused on Vivek Ramaswamy allowing him to the governor of Florida to appear without a hitch in front of television viewers.

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    In fact, after the debate, the best qualifiers went to the president of the “sunshine state” and for this reason he is optimistic about showing off again if he is given the opportunity to do so.

    “I have done the things that people talk about and that we should do for this country… So I’m armed to say I’ve done it“He expressed during an interview with political commentator David Rubin for the BlazeTV network.

    Questioned about the option that Donald Trump could absent himself from the debate again, the state president downplays it, although he maintains that he does not agree with the position assumed by the New Yorker.

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    “He (Trump) owes it to the public and believing he has the right to the nomination without contending is absurd,” he said.

    As the requirements for raising money from donors are now more demanding, as well as the results of the surveys, DeSantis contemplates facing a smaller group of rivals.

    “It’s a long way from me to tell someone who should run or not, but you either have a path or you don’t. And if there is no way, then we should focus on candidates who have a conceivable chance of making it“, held.

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    During the week, they presented the results of a survey carried out by cnn where indicated, in a hypothetical case that Ron DeSantis will face Joe Biden in the elections, at this moment, the race would end tied with 47% for bothso it is key for both to develop a strategy that allows them to convince the remaining 6% of voters to support them with their vote to define the winner.

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