PoliticsRobert Kennedy Jr.'s presidential campaign has received increased support from Republican donors

    Robert Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign has received increased support from Republican donors

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Democratic presidential candidate, continues his race to place himself within the preference of the electorate, but the most significant thing about his campaign is that it seems he is receiving more support from Republican sympathizers than from members of his party.

    After the figures for collecting money were released to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) through donations, It is significant that the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy has raised more than $6.3 million in donations, the vast majority of which have come from supporters who do not usually support Democrats.

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    According to an analysis conducted by ABC News, Of the 104 donors who gave Kennedy more than $6,000, 39% had a history of supporting Republicans and 30% had only ever donated to Republican candidates and causes.

    In addition, it was revealed that only 23% of the main donors of the 69-year-old politician’s campaign in the past had done so in favor of the Democrats and of this segment, 65% had never donated a dollar to a Democrat.

    Furthermore, only 13% had a history of giving related to both parties.

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    Unlike other Democrats, Kennedy enjoys a certain degree of sympathy with former President Donald Trump, who has even gone so far as to express his admiration for him. for the determination with which he defends his ideas, some of which are wrong, as is the case of his theory about COVID where he describes the virus as an artificial creation aimed at harming certain racial groups.

    Robert Francis Kennedy Jr.’s campaign received just $13,200 from two political action committees: American Values ​​2024, which endorses him, and Purple Good Government PAC.

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    In any case, the seasoned Democrat is not giving up to ensure that in the Democratic primaries his speech has managed to impact voters who are looking for a different option from what was shown by Joe Biden during his stay in the White House.

    “We are not trying to undermine Biden. We are going to defeat Biden. Then we’re going to beat Donald Trump or whoever the Republican nominee is.” the campaign team repeatedly asserts.

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