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    Robert F. Kennedy Jr urges to vote for a candidate whose age guarantees completing his term

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a candidate for the Democratic Party’s candidacy for next year’s presidential elections, launched a controversial comment directed at Joe Biden and his desire to be re-elected.

    In an interview with the television channel Newsnation He recommended that citizens support a presidential candidate who offers them the guarantee of being able to finish their term.

    “We should vote for a president who we hope will complete his term. I think we voted for a president for four years, understanding that he will be able to serve four years“, expressed the 69-year-old politician in relation to the comments generated in recent days related to the fragility of Joe Biden to govern for four more years.

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    And it is that, In her attempt to silence critics, Kamala Harris raised more doubts about the president’s health after declaring in an interview with the Associated Press news agency in Jakarta, during the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, that she is ready to replace Biden if necessary.

    Joe Biden is going to be fine, so that won’t come true, but let’s also understand that each vice president, when they are sworn in, must be very clear about the responsibility they may have in taking on the job of being president.. I am no different,” she stated.

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    In this sense, Kennedy Jr. recommended that the duo leading the government be clearer in their candidacy.Well, if from this moment on it is certain that the vice president is in a better position to govern, the best thing would be to send that message to the citizens.

    “If Kamala Harris feels like she should be president, then let’s run and, you know, have a race,” he said.

    According to a survey conducted by cnn Through the application SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), 62% of Democrats and 76% of all respondents expressed serious concern about Biden completing another term.

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    Thus, 67% of people surveyed would like the party to nominate someone different to compete for the presidency.

    Therein lies Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s hope that at some point voters will focus on his aspirations and support him.

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