PoliticsRepublicans want to punish immigrants and expand border security to approve budget...

    Republicans want to punish immigrants and expand border security to approve budget and avoid government shutdown

    House Republicans have included in their budget plan their bill HR 2, which would impose new penalties on foreigners who let their visas expire, in addition to increasing border security.

    This is in addition to an 8% cut in several areas of the federal government, in order to approve a budget plan that avoids President Joe Biden’s government shutdown.

    People who let their visas expire by even 10 days – intentionally or unintentionally – will face financial punishment under Title 18 of the US Code, but could also face imprisonment “for six months or more” or both. punishments, says the Republicans’ HR2 project.

    Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, Policy Director of the American Immigration Council, criticized the plan, considering that it creates “a new crime” against those people with non-immigrant visas who remain in the United States without authorization.

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    “It is not even necessary for the violation to be intentional!” he warns.

    The bill also includes the plan to increase border security by hiring new agents, as well as limiting asylum provisions.

    “Congress must keep the government open and secure the border,” Republicans say. “That’s why we’ve worked with House Freedom Caucus leaders to introduce a 31-day continuing resolution focused on solving the crisis at our southern border.”

    Kerri Talbot, executive director of Immigration Hub, criticized the Republicans’ plan, calling them pursuing a MAGA policy.

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    “His decision to add most of HR 2 (a hyperpartisan child deportation bill that is designed to give red meat to MAGA and Fox News activists) is a failure in the Senate and threatens to send a closure of the US Government,” criticized Talbot.

    The immigration expert warned of the dangers of allowing the Republicans’ immigration plan to advance by conditioning the federal budget.

    “The bill would effectively end asylum in the United States and destroy the incentives and disincentives established by the Biden Administration to bring more order to the border,” he added. “The net result would be a dramatic increase in irregular migration.”

    Talbot assured that Americans want “immigration solutions, not border bluster,” as he described the Republican plan.

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    “A serious Republican Party would sit at the table with Democrats to devise bipartisan solutions that make our asylum system fair and efficient, combining safe, legal and orderly pathways with clear rules for those who are not eligible for protection or admission “, said.

    The Republican budget deal was hammered out between the hardline House Freedom Caucus and the Main Street Caucus amid struggles by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-California, to unify the various factions of his party.

    October 1 is the date the federal government would face a shutdown without authorization of the new budget.

    Source: La Opinion

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