PoliticsRepublicans try to prevent Trump from campaigning in the Georgia runoff

    Republicans try to prevent Trump from campaigning in the Georgia runoff

    A group of Republican lawmakers is looking for a way to prevent Donald Trump from traveling to Georgia to campaign for the party’s nominee, Herschel Walker in the second round of the Senate elections in December.

    A source close to the Republican Party revealed that Trump was enraged, after asking him not to appear at a rally of the Georgia Senate candidate’s campaign, This was reported by the Business Insider newspaper, after the failure of the candidates it had supported for the midterm elections.

    Projections given by The Associated Press, Republican Herschel Walker, earned a 48.5% of the votes for 49.4% of the DemocratRaphael Warnock.

    In Georgia they need more than 50% of the votes, according to state law to decide the election, so they will have a second round that will take place on December 6. If Warnock wins the race, it would confirm that the Democrats have a majority in the Senate.

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    Herschel Walker has been involved in a series of controversies since before the elections on November 8, since led his election campaign saying he was in favor of banning abortion in all the states of the country and that his life was very happy and loving thanks to his family.

    These arguments were disqualified when a former partner of the candidate revealed that she had paid for an abortion because she did not feel that it was time to have another child. In addition, his son Christian Walker published a video on his social networks accusing him of being a bad father and revealing that he experienced domestic violence.

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    Not only the scandals of the former NFL player also partly affected the votes, since Republican legislators consider that Donald Trump’s hand is another reason why the goal was not achieved.

    During the campaigns leading up to the November 8 election, former President Trump endorsed several candidates with the goal of gaining control over the Republican Party before announcing his candidacy for 2024. They also claimed that there would be a “red wave”, which never came because the strategy failed, and this is now reflected with the control of the Senate by the Democrats.

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    Some of the legislators who do not preach with the ideas of Donald Trump are the ones who they asked him not to appear in Georgia with candidate Walker, since they insinuated that their conspiracy theories regarding electoral fraud in 2020 reversed the decision of voters to give their support to the Republican.

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    Source: La Opinion

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