PoliticsRepublicans demand flight logs of John Kerry, the climate envoy

    Republicans demand flight logs of John Kerry, the climate envoy

    In order to determine how much he spends on military flights and the carbon emissions generated by his trips made under the concept of combating climate change, two Republicans of the camera they demanded that the administration publish the records of the itineraries of John Kerry, the climate envoy.

    Apparently the lack of information about the trips he makes and the personnel who work for the Colorado politician aroused curiosity to know the amount of money that is being allocated to him to his work.

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    During a hearing last week in the House of Representatives, Kerry complained about the claim that he used a private plane to conduct official business.

    “It’s one of the most outrageously persistent lies I hear,” he said.

    In addition, the Democrat claimed that he had never owned a private jet. However, a report Fox News revealed that, until the time of the sale of an aircraft belonging to his family – a transaction that took place last year – the jet had more than 60 trips since Joe Biden arrived at the White House.

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    Therefore, the concern arose to analyze the itinerary of said jet and the costs of each of the trips it made.

    In fact, Mike Waltz, Florida representative, questioned Kerry about his “shadow diplomacy” and together with the support of fellow representatives Brian Mast and Cory Mills, they sent a letter to Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, asking him to clarify the situation.

    We ask that you turn over all flight records, including commercial, military (MILAIR) and private aircraft that were paid for with federal funds since the beginning of Special Envoy Kerry’s term by August 1, 2023. We also ask that the information on Special Envoy Kerry’s meetings be delivered, as well as the records with foreign officials since he took office as special envoy,” says part of a copy of the document that Fox News claims to have in its possession.

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    Meanwhile, John Kerry is visiting China where he has a meeting with Wang Yihead of Chinese foreign policy.

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