PoliticsRepublicans ask Garland to appoint a special teacher to investigate Biden documents

    Republicans ask Garland to appoint a special teacher to investigate Biden documents

    that the attorney general merrick garland has appointed as special adviser jack smith to take charge of the investigation of the classified documents that Donald Trump deliberately removed from the White House and drove to his Mar-a-Lago mansion now they’re putting him on the ropes because the Republicans are demanding he name a “special adviser” to that investigate the Biden case and the also classified documents found in one of its ex-offices.

    The petition came after Joe Biden’s aides disclosed the discovery of at least two more packages of confidential documents that belong to the president. “Special Counsel,” Sen. Josh Hawley wrote to the Justice Department.

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    Reports of the discovery of more classified documents came on the heels of Monday’s revelation that the president’s lawyers recovered 10 confidential files from Biden’s time as vice presidentsome marked “top secret”, on November 2, 2022, and which were handed over to the National Archives.

    Hawley formally asked Garland to appoint a special counsel noting that Biden appeared to have done “exactly what President Trump did.”

    “The double standard here is amazing. The underlying behavior in question, a president’s retention of old classified documents dating back to a previous presidency, is materially the same in both cases. But in the case of President Trump, that hold triggered an unprecedented raid. in the home of a former president, streamlined with a thicket of partisan doublespeak,” Hawley wrote.

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    Days before the new package of documents was released, he wrote “I look forward to Merrick Garland’s appointment of a special counsel to investigate and prosecute Joe Biden, just as he did Trump. It’s fair”.

    Hawley was joined by Representative Troy Nehls and called for “Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint special counsel.”

    Lindsey Graham argued that the DOJ applies the same standards to the handling by the former president Donald Trump who was found with some 300 classified documents found in his club and Mar-a-Lago residence after his presidency should apply to Biden.

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    Until now it is unknown if the attorney general will appoint a special counsel or if it will close the case.

    Source: La Opinion

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