PoliticsRepublican branded a hypocrite for asking for prayers after shooting at Colorado...

    Republican branded a hypocrite for asking for prayers after shooting at Colorado LGBTQ club

    Republican branded a hypocrite for asking for prayers after shooting at Colorado LGBTQ club

    The representative of the extreme right, Lauren Boebert was criticized by advocates for the LGBTQ+ community, after she asked for prayers for the victims of the shooting of the Q Club in Colorado in which five people died, because he has always judged the community.

    After the shooting that took place at a gay bar in Colorado Spring, the Republican sent her condolences to the victims through her Twitter.

    “The news from Colorado Springs is absolutely terrible. This morning the victims and their families are in my prayers. This lawless violence must end and end quickly,” Boebert wrote.

    Lauren Boebert was labeled a hypocrite After sending their message, since in their previous statements they have always been anti-LGBTQ+, they also assured that their condolences are “false”.

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    “Boebert’s vile anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and his glorification of guns and violence it’s a toxic combination. Researchers studying extremism say it’s like a hot frying pan on a burner with popcorn kernels ready,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, Glaad’s president and chief executive officer, The Guardian reported.

    The Colorado Republican has been outspoken about her stance against intermarriage of the same sex, as it opposes “efforts to redefine marriage as something more than the union of a man and a woman,” Ellis completed.

    Lauren Boebert was re-elected by a narrow margin in the 2022 midterm elections, she has been characterized as being a fierce criticism of the gay community and has a history of pushing anti-LGBTQ+ policies into legislation.

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    It should be noted that in 2021, Boebert introduced a bill to block funding for research on gender-affirming treatments for transgender youth, since he had described the investigation as “evil”, detailed the same medium.

    He also spread conspiracy-based misinformation about the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which he called “National Institute of Horrors”This is how the defenders of the community made it public.

    Lauren Boebert, 35, had a very close contest with her opponent, Democrat Adam Frisch, whom she won with 50.1% of the votes over 49.9% to continue as a representative of Colorado. Boebert is known for being a far-right, a faithful follower of conspiracy theories and ally of Donald Trump.

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