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    Punjab CM Strongly Opposes the Union Ministry’s Agricultural Bills and Said That He Is Ready to Resign Anytime

    The parliament of India recently passed three bills in the Monsoon session of the year 2020. Farmers all over the country are upset with these reforms. Specially in Punjab and Haryana, the farmers are fuelling in rage over this issue. Many opposition parties also criticized these bills. These three bills are – The Farmers’ Produce Trade & Commerce Bill, The Farmer’s Agreement on Price Assurance & Farm Service Bill, and The Essential Commodities Bill.

    Amidst all the protests by thousands of farmers in Punjab, The Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh, clearly states in the Vidhan Sabha that he is not afraid to resign from the post of Chief Minister. He said that he would not bow down to the injustice that has been done towards Punjab’s farmers with these bills by the central government. He also warned the central government that if they do not take the necessary steps regarding the issue and the matter goes out of hand; it will cause absolute mayhem. As Punjab’s youths will be enraged and may join the farmers on the streets, it will break the state’s peaceful atmosphere. He also states that we should not break inner peace because China and Pakistan can take advantage of that as they did in the 80s and the 90s. The CM also thinks that it is a national level security threat.

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    Here on the second day of the special session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha, The CM also proposed four bills to oppose and counter the union ministry’s three bills. These bills are – The Farmers Trade and Commerce Special Provision and Punjab Amendment Bill 2020, The Essential Commodities Special Provisions and Punjab Amendment Bill 2020, The Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance, and Farm Services Special Provisions and Punjab Amendment Bill 2020 and Amendment to the Civil Procedure Code.

    The CM also stated that the government enforced trade laws in the name of farming laws. The farmers are mainly opposing this bill because there are no regulations outside the ‘Mandi’ or the government-regulated market. So, the farmers will also not get the minimum police for their harvested materials. Singh also said that BJP is trying to corner the state of Punjab as they are trying to break the backbone of the state, which is agriculture with these farming laws. The CM also stated that they did not receive the promised GST and blame the central government for causing chaos in Punjab. The state is going through a rough patch as power generation is at an all-time low, and also there is no space for new paddy in the storage. 

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     Amarinder Singh fully supported the farmers and promised the farmers that he would not let them suffer at any cost. He also said that he does not care about his government being dismissed. Repeating the fact that he is with the perturbing farmers, he urged the farmers to help the state government by ending the Rail Roko movement, which is a part of their protest so that essential commodities cannot move from one place to another. “As we have been by your side earlier, now it’s your address to stand with us.” he also included in his speech. 

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