PoliticsPressure mounts against airlines to increase aid to stranded and delayed passengers

    Pressure mounts against airlines to increase aid to stranded and delayed passengers

    Letters were released today from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to major low-cost and regional airlines urging them to do more to help stranded and delayed passengers, calling the level of disruption that travel has faced this summer as “unacceptable”.

    According to the letters, Buttigieg noted that his department, USDOT, is considering options to write new rules that would further expand passenger rights of the airlines.

    In addition, he asked airlines to guarantee adequate services for passengers facing delays and cancellations by asking them “at a minimum” that provide food stamps for delays of 3 hours or more, as well as accommodation for those passengers who must wait overnight due to interruptions under the control of the carrier.

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    This is not the first time Buttigieg has issued a strong message against airlines, weeks ago questioned who is to blame for tens of thousands of delays and flight cancellations this summer.

    “Regardless of the cause of delays or cancellations, the Department expects airlines to provide timely and responsive customer service during and after periods of flight disruptions,” Buttigieg said.

    In the letter, Buttigieg thanked those airlines that have begun to take steps to improve service, but did not fail to mention that the disruptions facing American travel this summer were “unacceptable.”

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    In addition, he recalled that, in the first six months, 24% of domestic flights of US airlines were delayed and 3.2% were canceled.

    Not only has the Department received endless messages from customers complaining about their flights, but lawmakers have pushed Buttigieg to force airlines to provide better service and even fine them.

    Source: La Opinion

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