PoliticsPresident Biden joins the ridicule and criticism against Trump for the sale...

    President Biden joins the ridicule and criticism against Trump for the sale of NFT collection

    Ridiculous, scammer, loser and shameful is how former President Donald Trump has been described after revealing his great announcement, which was only to offer his NFT digital collectible cards with a value of $99 each and where he is shown dressed as a superhero, astronaut, cowboy and more. President Joe Biden wrote on his Twitter account that he also had to make a major announcement mocking Trump’s action.

    The former president’s announcement prompted some media outlets, personalities, and even President Joe Biden to take to social media to comment on Trump’s major announcement, which many speculated was related to his presidential candidacy.

    First, it is important to remember that through Truth Social, Donald Trump made a video where he showed each of his animated cards and made the long-awaited announcement public where he said:

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    Important announcement! My official Donald Trump digital trading card collection is here! These limited edition cards feature incredible art from my life and career. Collect all of your favorite Trump digital trading cards, much like a baseball card, but hopefully much more exciting. Go to And get your cards now! Only $99 each! It would make a great Christmas present. No wait. They will go, I think, very quickly.”.

    President Joe Biden wrote in his personal account that he also had an important message to deliver: “I also had some big announcements in the last few weeks: Inflation is declining, I just sign the Respect for Marriage Law, we brought Brittney Griner home, gas prices are lower than a year ago, 10,000 new good paying jobs in Arizona.”

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    the presenter Jimmy Kimmel mocked Trump’s ad during his late-night show and after call him a “loser” Because he’s trailing Ron DeSantis in the polls, he said that when he heard he was going to say something important, he even felt very nervous.

    wow how exciting. What could it be?” Kimmel wondered. “I mean, I don’t know from the looks of the cartoon, Maybe she had liposuction? Maybe Eric learned to tie his shoes? Who knows. I don’t know about you, I won’t be able to sleep tonight waiting to find out,” Kimmel shared with the audience, who burst out laughing.

    In a sharp critique of the NFT collection, The New York Post noted: “Trump self-aggrandizement cards, Possibly a megalomaniac’s perfect gift for himself, they also portray the former president as a cowboy and a sunglass-wearing astronaut.”

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    On Twitter, others went for the jugular to the former president: “It seems that the Trump 2024 campaign is still not reaching your fundraising goalsjoked lawyer and podcast host Jeff Blehar.

    The Mary Sue portal described the expected announcement as “shameful”, in addition to noting that this money will go into Trump’s pockets.

    “These digital business cards are not political and have nothing to do with any political campaign. Which means that this money goes straight into trump’s pocket without him having to pretend otherwise,” they asserted.

    The NFT Collection in various forms of Trump were trending on Twitter and some users wasted no time in making fun of the former president.

    Source: La Opinion

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