PoliticsPence reveals in his book that John Eastman doubted the plans to...

    Pence reveals in his book that John Eastman doubted the plans to annul the 2020 elections

    Pence reveals in his book that John Eastman doubted the plans to annul the 2020 elections

    Former Vice President Mike Pence will release his book So Help Me God on November 15, but before that he gave a preview by publishing an excerpt in the Wall Street Journal, where he revealed that the theories that Trump’s allies were trying to manipulate to ensure that the 2020 elections had been a fraud, not even John Eastman could believe them.

    The attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, was due to extremist followers of Donald Trump disagreed with the results of the elections in which he had favored Joe Biden. So prompted by their leader they headed to the building where it became total chaos.

    The investigation of this accident is investigated by the Select Committee whose last public hearing was held in October, that day they decided by a unanimous vote summons to testify Donald Trump, who has to appear on November 14 with the documents that complement their arguments.

    Part of all this history is found in the new book by Mike Pence, which will be on sale on November 15 through the Amazon platform. While the former vice president published an excerpt in which he reveals that the lawyer John Eastman did not believe in the ideas that they tried to support to say that the elections had been a fraud.

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    “He recalled a conversation with Donald Trump in the days before the attack on Capitol Hill. They were discussing the lawsuit filed by Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert,” the book reads.

    “On January 4, the president’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows summoned me to the Oval Office for a meeting with a long list of attendees, including jurist John Eastman,” Pence recalled.

    “I listened respectfully as Mr. Eastman argued that he should amend the procedures, which require electoral votes to be opened up and counted in alphabetical order, leaving the five battleground states for last. Mr. Eastman claimed that I had the authority to return the votes to the states until each legislature certified which of the list of competing electors for the state was correct. He had already confirmed that there were no competing voters”, a revelation published by the former vice president.

    He also added the dialogues they held during that meeting: “Do you think I have the authority to reject or return votes?” Pence said.. “Well, it’s never been proven in court, so I think it’s an open question,” Eastman replied.

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    In that same meeting was Donald Trump whom Mike Pence addressed to say: “Even his lawyer doesn’t think he has the authority to return electoral votes.” And the former president replied: “I like the other one better”, meaning that he could simply reject the electoral votes.

    “Those debates happened again the next day, and that is where some of the testimony from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack and the attempt to overthrow the 2020 election lies. Legal fights broke out in the Oval Office. Trump yelled at everyone and nothing was decided.” a paragraph taken from So Help Me God.

    Mike Pence confessed that the former president even called him “stupid” because he felt great frustration because nothing could be done in the face of his defeat.

    “If it gives you power, why would you object?” Trump said. But Mike Pence claimed that he did not believe that power existed under the Constitution.

    His response was: “You are too honest. Hundreds of thousands will hate your guts… People are going to think you are idiot“.

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    The former vice president also uncovered a little more of his memories in relation to the moments that the former president along with his allies sought to see how to revoke the elections. In a talk on January 11, he recalled that “Trump was still angry.”

    You and I had our differences that day, Mr. President. and seeing those people destroying the Capitol made me angry. That is the message that we republished and delivered in the last two years… I am praying for you”.

    To which Trump only replied: “Don’t bother.”

    The first days of this month, the former vice president had already mentioned about the memoirs that come in his new book and where some chapters are dedicated to the attack on the Capitol and leaving in doubt that former President Trump was the one who provoked such an assault.

    “In the end, that day the president made the fateful decision to put Giuliani and the [abogado] Sidney Powell in charge of legal strategy. The seeds were being sown for a tragic day in JanuaryMike Pence wrote, referring to the unrest on Capitol Hill.

    Source: La Opinion

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