PoliticsPastor from Texas prepares to pray with a death row inmate as...

    Pastor from Texas prepares to pray with a death row inmate as he is executed

    Pastor from Texas prepares to pray with a death row inmate as he is executed

    The prisoner of death row Texas, John Henry Ramirezsentenced to death penalty for fatally stabbing a man 29 times, he will be executed on Wednesday, his last execution date after several others were postponed in recent years, including one by the Supreme Courtso the high court could hear Ramirez’s request that his pastor Dana Moore be allowed to lay hands on the inmate and pray aloud at the time of his death.

    Pastor Dana Moore of the Second Baptist Church in Corpus Christi has served as a spiritual adviser to John Henry Ramirez for about five years and has cared for him in prison.

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    After Ramirez made a profession of faith in Christ and was baptized on Texas Death Row, the Second Baptist Church allowed him to join the congregation.

    But the court said the state’s categorical ban was too restrictive.

    The case clashed between those who defend the right of those sentenced to death to receive assistance according to their religious belief in their final moments and those who consider these requests an attempt to delay executions.

    The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the request of John Henry Ramirez, in the context of several cases confronting religious freedom claims and prison security policies that have been heard in recent years,

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    And unless a clemency declaration or last-minute delay prevents his execution on Wednesday, Ramirez will die by lethal injection and Moore will put his hand on Ramirez’s chest in the execution chamber, when executed by lethal injection. It would be the first time in their five-year relationship that the two have made physical contact.

    Moore would like Ramirez — who does not deny his guilt — to live, according to CNN.

    But while Moore hopes for the best, is making peace with the fact that Ramirez could be executed this week. And while the 59-year-old cleric is “probably still in some denial,” he knows that when the time comes for Ramirez’s execution, he will be focused on the job at hand.

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    “I’m the pastor and I have work to do,” he said, anticipating his mindset as the time draws near. “I have my vocation, I have my calling to fulfill.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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