PoliticsOnce again, the version of where the cocaine was found in the...

    Once again, the version of where the cocaine was found in the White House changes

    During this week, The version of the exact point where a dose of cocaine was found inside the White House has changed three times, which is raising questions about the performance of the Secret Service.

    At first it was announced that, on Sunday night, while a routine round was being carried out in the presidential compound, a bag was discovered inside which there was a type of strange dust.

    The unusual finding led to the evacuation of the premises as it was thought that it could be a type of explosive.

    Therefore, the fire department was notified and minutes after reviewing the facilities, as well as the dust, it was determined that it did not represent any threat.

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    Subsequently, the recording of a message from the fire team cited by the Washington Post confirmed that after carrying out some tests it was determined that the powder was cocaine.

    At that time, it was also mentioned that the drug would have been discovered in the library of the White House, a space that is part of the tour offered to the public when they visit the White House.

    However, a couple of days later the version was modified to indicate that the drug was discovered in the West Wing visitors’ entrance and not in the library.

    In addition to that, it was emphasized that the cocaine dose was inside a bag the size of a dime.

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    New course for research

    However, the version has changed againbecause according to sources cited by NBC News, now it is indicated that the alkaloid dose was actually discovered in a cubicle near where some vehicles are parked, such as the vice president’s limousine or van.

    This signaling could give a new direction to the investigation carried out by the Secret Service, as said area is one floor below the main offices of the West Wing and on the same floor as the Situation Room and a dining room.

    It should be noted that noting that the west executive entrance is located on West Executive Drive, the access road between the West Wing of the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

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    Besides, in that area the entourage of Vice President Kamala Harris and senior staff are parked It also has spaces to park your vehicles.

    As if that were not enough, distinguished visitors who arrive to hold private meetings enter through that same entrance.

    This way, the task of reviewing the Secret Service to determine who belongs to the drug found is very complicated especially since the DNA and fingerprint analysis of the bag being analyzed could be inconclusive.

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