PoliticsNorth Carolina hands over Meadows voter fraud investigation findings to prosecutors

    North Carolina hands over Meadows voter fraud investigation findings to prosecutors

    The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation presented to state prosecutors the findings of its investigation of voter fraud of Mark Meadowsformer White House chief of staff to President Donald Trump, who was simultaneously registered to vote in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia earlier this year.

    The State Bureau of Investigation delivered the case file, where he details the entire investigation into the voter registration of Mark Meadows in North Carolina and the residence list, to the office of Attorney General Josh Stein.

    Prosecutors from the attorney general’s office will determine whether criminal charges are appropriate, warned through a statement, The Associated Press reported.

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    Meadows was removed from the state’s voter rolls in April after District Attorney Stein asked the office to examine his voter registration inventory. Meadows had listed a mobile home in Scaly Mountain, North Carolina, that he never had as his physical addressweeks before casting an absentee mail-in ballot in the state for the 2020 presidential election.

    In addition, public records indicate that Mark meadows signed up to vote in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2021, weeks before the Virginia gubernatorial elections in which Glenn Youngkin became the first Republican to win state office in several years, the same news agency detailed.

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    Meadows, an advocate on the theft of the 2020 presidential election, also registered to vote in South Carolina in March 2022, after he and his wife They bought a house on Lake Keoweeaccording to documents for the address listed on their South Carolina voter registration forms.

    Trump’s former chief of staff began raising public suspicions about widespread voter fraud ahead of the 2020 election, as polls showed Trump trailing Biden. He repeated those unsubstantiated claims throughout the election cycle.when Trump insisted that the election was riddled with fraud.

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    Election officials from both parties, as well as judges and Trump’s own attorney general, concluded that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 electionnoting only a few isolated incidents of intentional or unintentional vote violations common to all elections.

    With information The Associated Press

    Source: La Opinion

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