PoliticsNew Hampshire Governor Will Endorse Republican Who Can Win Trump's Nomination

    New Hampshire Governor Will Endorse Republican Who Can Win Trump’s Nomination

    Focused on preventing Donald Trump from again representing Republicans on the ballot in next year’s presidential election, Chris Sununu vowed to support his party’s challenger with hopes of beating the former president in the primaries.

    “As governor of the first state with primaries in the nation, I will do my best to help narrow the field. I plan to endorse and campaign for the best alternative to Mr. Trump. From now on, anyone can take it“, he wrote in an opinion piece of the New York Times.

    Likewise, the Governor of New Hampshire He warned that the group of candidates must be reduced and those who have a real chance of defeating the New York magnate can confront his campaign proposals, even if he does not attend the debates.

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    “This week, Republican presidential primary candidates will have the opportunity to make their case before a national audience, with or without Donald Trump on the debate stage. To win, they must break free from the drama of Mr. Trump, step out of his shadow, go on the offensive, attack and present their case.. Then they need to see if they can ignite this fall, and if they can’t, then they need to step aside, because filtering the field of candidates is the best chance to stop Mr. Trump,” he stressed.

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    Chris Sununu went even further in his statements, indicating that the objective of the former president of the nation is to get rid of all the accusations against him. without actually seeking a benefit for the nation.

    “There is too much at stake for us to have illusory candidacies. While the other Republican candidates are running to save America, Mr. Trump is running to save himself,” he emphasized..

    Finally, the New Hampshire president recalled that, for the past 20 years, the winner of the Republican primary in the governing state has secured his candidacy to represent the party on the ballot where the president of the nation is defined.

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    It should be noted that so far, in all the states ahead of the primaries, Trump has an advantage of more than 30 points over his closest rival, a trend that is not in sight how it could change.

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