PoliticsNancy Pelosi says that trying to eliminate the trials of Donald Trump...

    Nancy Pelosi says that trying to eliminate the trials of Donald Trump is just a political game by Kevin McCarthy

    The represent Nancy Pelosi argues that Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is “playing politics” with the idea of ​​eliminating the two trials that will be opened against former President Donald Trump.

    During an interview with CNN, The woman who for eight years served as a speaker in the Lower House, described as unacceptable the fact of thinking that the former president evades his responsibility for the charges against him.

    Kevin is, you know, playing politics. It’s not even clear if he can constitutionally remove those things. If you want to put your members on the spot, your members on hard races on the spot, that’s a decision you have to make. But this is not responsible, ”he indicated.

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    Recently The Californian politician allegedly supported the idea of ​​eliminating the two trials that would be about to start against the former president, but to achieve this he must submit it to a vote in the House. However, nothing has been scheduled yet in this regard.

    Additionally, many moderate Republicans oppose voting for removal, particularly in relation to the January 6,

    About, Pelosi did not hesitate to mention that McCarthy is simply taking orders, because he has no authority to act on his own and is also afraid of unleashing Trump’s wrath if he does not agree to his will.

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    “This is about being afraid. Like I said before, Donald Trump is the puppeteer. And what does he do all the time but turn the light on the strings? These people look pathetic,” he expressed.

    Nevertheless, Aileen Cannon, federal judge in Florida, set the trial against Donald Trump for the classified documents case for May 20, 2024, after rejecting an offer from the Department of Justice to start the case until Decemberas well as the former president’s request for a postponement until after the 2024 elections.

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    In this way, in case things stay as they are, there is a probability that the former president can continue on the ballot representing the Republicans and even win the elections even if convicted.

    The other trial around the figure of the New York magnate revolves around the fact that he allegedly incited constitutional insubordination that involved the assault on the United States federal Congress on January 6, 2020.

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