PoliticsMike Pence supports the proposal to initiate an impeachment investigation against Joe...

    Mike Pence supports the proposal to initiate an impeachment investigation against Joe Biden

    Mike Pence candidate for the Republican candidacy for next year’s elections, supports the idea of ​​carrying out an impeachment inquiry led by his party co-religionists in the House of Representatives.

    During an interview with the television network Fox NewsIndiana politician He considered it beneficial for the nation to clarify the relationship established between the businesses of Hunter Biden and his father, when he served as president of the nation.

    “There are so many questions about Joe Biden’s involvement and connection to his son’s businesses when he was vice president. The American people deserve to get to the bottom of it.“, he pointed.

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    Then, Pence issued a harsh statement against the current president of the nation.

    “I must say that I cannot relate. When I was vice president, my son was not on the board of directors of foreign corporations. He was sitting in the cockpit of the F-35 and flying for the Marine Corps“, he expressed.

    In response to the questions surrounding the Biden family and the trouble his son Hunter has gotten into by using drugs, evading taxes and requesting permission to acquire weapons knowing that he was prevented from doing so, without any of this has put him behind bars, allegedly benefiting from his father’s position as a government official, the House Oversight Committee, with James Comer as spearhead, He investigates the business of the presidential family, but upon reaching a level where he is denied access to more information, he intends to elevate the investigation to impeachment.

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    In fact, Republicans plan to put this initiative to a vote in the coming days.

    “They realized that we need this tool to be able to win in court because that is where we are headed. We have almost picked all the ripe fruit,” said Comer.

    This way, The aim is to find sufficient elements to file a legal accusation against Joe Biden in full campaign to be reelected next yearwhich would be a tremendous blow to his popularity, which by the way has been declining in recent months.

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