PoliticsMike Pence rules out engaging in personal attacks against Donald Trump

    Mike Pence rules out engaging in personal attacks against Donald Trump

    Despite Donald Trump’s stinging criticism of his campaign in search of the Republican nomination for next year’s elections, Mike Pence reiterates that he rules out getting involved in personal attacks, especially directed at his boss in the White House for four years.

    During an interview with the ABC News television network, the former vice president mentioned that his campaign strategy is to focus on making the voters aware of his plan to guide the nation towards prosperity, so he’s ruling out spending time criticizing other Republican adversaries.

    I will take my record to the American people, and the president can continue to do what he does: he can continue to defend and level his broadsides. I am not going to engage in negative personal attacks.

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    I prefer to draw the contrast, present the election and focus on how we make this country more prosperous. and safer after the disastrous policies of President Joe Biden and the White House,”

    However, last week, Donald Trump wrote a message on the Truth Social platform where he accused Mike Pence of having “come over to the dark side”, while ensuring that his former president would never put him above the Constitution.

    In this sense, the Indiana-born politician insisted that he did not feel sorry for his established position in the face of the attack on the Capitolon January 6, 2021.

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    I know the former president quite well. I think more and more Americans every day know about us, they know about our lifetime of commitment to the conservative agenda. And I’m very encouraged by the fact, and you saw it at the Iowa State Fair this week: how many people regularly come up to us and thank us for the stance we took on that fateful day“, he mentioned.

    The truth is that despite the neutrality of Mike Pence in his statements, the relationship with Donald Trump is practically broken because he did not want to play along with the ex-president to do what is necessary to continue governing the country.

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    Either way, Pence does not rule out giving his ballot vote to the former president, this if necessary.

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