PoliticsMike Pence rules out being interested in trading insults with Donald Trump

    Mike Pence rules out being interested in trading insults with Donald Trump

    Far from speaking ill of who was his boss for four years, Mike Pence, former vice president and now a candidate for the Republican candidacy heading into next year’s elections, openly ruled out holding any kind of confrontation with Donald Trump, because his campaign aims to make his political proposal known and not insult his opponent.

    I’m not interested in trading insults with my old friend. Some people think that’s the way to win the presidency. No, but presenting the election to the American people, we have been. We will continue to do so, ”she said in a dialogue with ABC News.

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    And hours later, he not only reiterated his position, but also upon direct questioning made to him during an interview with Fox News, On whether he believed that Trump had incited a group of people to riot at the Capitol, January 6, 2021, the experienced Indiana politician even tried to justify the former president.

    “While their words were reckless, based on what I know, I’m still not convinced that they were criminal,” he said.

    It should be noted that, During the aforementioned date, Trump supporters subdued the Capitol Police and forced their way into the building in an incident that went around the world, because in the brawl four people lost their lives, in addition to the fact that the evacuation of Congress and the vice president himself was mandatory.

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    However, it seems that Mike Pence wants to distance himself from any type of statement that could damage the friendly relationship established with the New York magnate. who continues to arouse the sympathy of a large number of Republicans eager to see him return to the White House to conclude the works he left pending regarding the fight to curb migration and the drug cartels from his neighbor to the South.

    Regarding whoever served as his right arm during his administration, a poll conducted by FiveThirtyEight points to him for having the support of 6.6% of Republicans.

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