PoliticsMike Pence hopes to launch his presidential bid next week in Iowa

    Mike Pence hopes to launch his presidential bid next week in Iowa

    the former vice president Mike Pence will launch his presidential campaign for the Presidency for the 2024 election for him Republican Party over the next week, in Des Moines, Iowa, multiple sources told CBS News.

    Pence is expected to launch his 2024 candidacy with a speech and campaign video on Wednesday, June 7. NBC News first reported it.

    The former vice president, by making his announcement next week, will meet what he sees as a deadline for potential candidates, he told CBS News’ chief elections and campaign correspondent Robert Costa in April on “Face the Nation,” which any “serious” person who wanted to seek the Republican nomination would have to participate in the race in June.

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    Pence also said in that interview that more and more people have told him there is room for his brand of “traditional conservatism” in the growing field of presidential candidates.

    The former vice president enters a growing Republican field that already includes his former running mate, former president donald trumpas well as the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, the senator Tim Scott and others.

    Pence’s presidential bid will pit him against his former boss and running mate, former President Donald Trump, who is seeking a second term and is currently the candidate with the most voters in polls.

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    Pence’s decision to make his announcement in Iowa, rather than his home state of Indiana, indicates the level of importance he is placing on the state that still has the first caucus in the GOP nomination process.

    Pence allies said earlier this month that the super PAC launched in support of his candidacy, Committed to America, would be organized in all 99 Iowa counties. Sources said at the time that they expected Pence to spend more time in that been in the coming months.

    Before being chosen to be Trump’s vice president in the 2016 election, Pence was the governor of Indiana and a former US congressman, including serving as chairman of the House Republican Conference.

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    Pence, in recent months, has been on tour promoting his memoir, “So Help Me God,” while also trying his hand at a presidential bid.

    In his speeches and events, he has focused on the need for fiscal responsibility and reforms to entitlement programs, support for Ukraine in its war with Russia, in addition to push your stance against abortion.

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