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    Mexico describes the Summit of North American Leaders as successful, productive and fraternal

    After concluding the work of the X Summit of North American Leaders, held from January 9 to 11 in Mexico City, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador described this trilateral meeting as productive and fraternal.

    “It was really a very good meeting both bilaterally and in what has to do with the treaty, the trilateral meeting between Canada, the United States and our country. This meeting was very good, very good for our peoples and I would say that it benefited the people of Canada, the people of the United States and the people of Mexico. It was a very productive meeting and also fraternal within the framework of the good neighbor policySo there are very favorable elements, our economy is very stable, among other things, due to the good relationship with Canada and the United States. You already know that our weight is strengthened as it has not been seen in half a century, “he said.

    For his part, the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard said that the Summit was “a success” because the objectives of strengthening the North American region with a common vision were achieved.

    “We believe that the Summit and the bilateral meetings It has been a success for Mexico and for North America. The first thing to note is to remind you that just a few years ago when this government began it was in question whether or not North America had a common future, very recently, what we witnessed between Sunday and yesterday is that the thesis that the President Lopez Obrador defended from the beginning of the government that the path is to strengthen the North American region not only with the treaty but with understanding, the common vision, the joint initiatives, since it has borne fruit, it has borne fruit, so there is a level of close communication and a common vision, that is a great resource in favor of Mexico”, he pointed out.

    I had to witness how the personal relationship between President Lopez Obrador, President Biden, and Prime Minister Trudeau is getting better and closer, how they share objective values ​​purposes. How they agree on the values ​​they defend are all justice and a common future for our peoples and that is very good news for Mexico “

    From the National Palace, the Mexican foreign minister stressed the importance of accelerating the process of economic integration of the three countries.

    “First of all, the agreement to accelerate integration and economic growth in North America, a team of four per country was even integrated at the proposal of President Lopez Obrador, the team of 12 that is responsible for, what? the pace is accelerating means that more or less the goal would be that 25% of what is imported from Asia to the United States Mexico and Canada is produced in North America”, he commented.

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    Within the agreements reached, the Mexican foreign minister said at the morning conference on Thursday, January 12, that the three countries promised to promote labor mobility.

    “The second major issue that was reached has to do with labor mobility. For the first time in history, the criteria for labor mobility is being established between the 3 countries of North Americathis did not exist, it had never been agreed to talk about it in terms of the entire region,” he said.

    “What are the components to strengthen the commitment, to strengthen the predictable safe orderly regular pathways of labor mobility between the 3 countries, examples, The one from Canada, which was highly recognized at the meeting, was the temporary agricultural worker program. which has allowed a nucleus of families that exceed 37,000 to have an increase in their living standards every year, that is, they go to work, return and here in Mexico already have their own businesses and substantially improved their standard of living, this is a good example of what I’m talking about,” he explained.

    “That program was recognized, In the United States, as you know, the humanitarian permit program is being developed, which has had very good results. in the case of Venezuelans, but now it has been extended to other nationalities with the same purpose that there is a regular path established in which you can request to be able to work in the United States or be in the United States,” he continued.

    Within labor mobility, he stressed that Mexico will benefit from the growing remote work that new technologies allow.

    “Mexico, which is now experiencing, in addition to the migratory flows already known, a growing stream of digital nomadsso called, because with the pandemic it developed in all countries of the world and North America is no exception, digital remote work enabled by technologyso we are receiving thousands of young people, especially from the United States and also increasingly from Canada and we also need to facilitate their presence in our country, so what do we agree on, to strengthen this path between the three countries, labor mobility”, he commented.

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    Marcelo Ebrard assured that within the mandate of President Lopez Obrador is to facilitate access to US citizenship for more than 1,200,000 Mexicans who meet the requirements.

    “President Biden was very clear regarding what President Lopez Obrador raised with regard to Mexico’s sympathy and support, to the attempts that hopefully will be successful soon, to regularize the situation of Mexicans in the United States. States that are in disadvantaged conditions because they do not have full rights. For now, the instruction of the President of the Republic based on what was stated by President Biden is that we focus in 2023-2024 on facilitating access to US citizenship for 1,250,000 Mexican men and women who are entitled to it. We are going to focus, we have the obligation to present this plan as soon as possible on the instructions of President Lopez Obrador, ”he said.

    Another of the issues that Marcelo Ebrard highlighted in the agreements reached between Mexico, the United States and Canada is promoting clean energy.

    “The third major topic of agreement, clean energy. Mexico has a very good energy profile today, if almost 1/3 of the electrical energy is produced with clean energy, we use less coal than the United States. In the last 2 years, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Mexico fell by 13% with which we are one of the countries that reduced its emissions the most and also the President established that Mexico’s commitments for the year 2030 would rise from 22% reduction of gases to 35%, this means more than doubling the generation of clean energy ” , said.

    The representative of Mexican politics abroad reported that Lopez Obrador presented to his counterparts the so-called Sonora Plan, which seeks to take advantage of lithium and which, among other things, has the objective of promoting electro-mobility in the three countries with the installation of stations for electric vehicles.

    “The fact is that an agreement was reached for the 3 countries to go in a similar direction. Mexico today has everything to be the one I led. The President of the Republic presented and commented on the Sonora plan because he is going to ask for the use of lithium, as already said, solar energyIn short, the United States and Canada are going to participate with us so that we have a common plan so that we can go at the same pace. means electro-mobility, means facilities for electric vehicles in the three countriesit means common work so that we have batteries, it means accelerating semiconductors”, he argued.

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    The fight against arms, drug, fentanyl and health trafficking were other issues addressed by the representatives of the three countries.

    “The fourth topic that we touched on where we also reached significant advances has to do with security in the region, control of chemical precursors. The 3 countries are very concerned about fentanylfentanyl is a highly addictive opioid, lethal or can be lethal when abused and so we are going to focus on perfecting the control of chemical precursors among the 3 countries, we are going to invite other countries to participate. On the part of Mexico, the main concern that you are aware of is arms control.. If there was any doubt, then, the recent operation to arrest Mr. Ovidio, well, there they could see the weapons that are there and why it is important to control that, ”said Ebrard.

    Another point of agreement, cheers. Do not forget the lessons of the pandemic that we have just experienced, from which we have not yet emerged. There is a work and health security group that was established by agreement of the three leaders and they are entrusted with preparing the corresponding plan and presenting it jointly among the 3 countries in the face of the pandemic that we are still experiencing in the face of the influence and other risks that we have of sanitary nature,” he emphasized.

    Mexico, the United States and Canada also pledged to protect and support indigenous peoples and to go against racism.

    “The next point on which a significant agreement was reached has to do with protect and support native peoples and make a common fight against racismThis is very important for Mexico because it is the first time that we have an understanding of that level of hierarchy to work the 3 countries against racism, which in the case of our communities, especially in the United States, it is extremely important to have this support. ”, he concluded.

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