PoliticsMcCarthy doesn't know if Trump is the "stronger" Republican candidate to beat...

    McCarthy doesn’t know if Trump is the “stronger” Republican candidate to beat Biden

    Everything seems to indicate that things are not going very well inside the Republican Partyat least that is what the speaker of the House of Representatives revealed, kevin mccarthyduring an interview he offered on CNBC where he said that He doesn’t know if Donald Trump is the “stronger” Republican candidate to beat President Joe Biden in 2024.

    ″Can you win that election? Yes, it can,” McCarthy said on “Squawk Box.” “The question is, is he the strongest to win the election?” “I don’t know that answer” McCarthy said.

    After his answer he also had a little reflection “but can anyone beat Biden? Yeahanyone can beat Biden. Can Biden beat other people? Yeah, Biden can beat them. It’s on any given day.”

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    McCarthy’s statements have surprised locals and strangers because on several occasions he has shown his unconditional support for Trump, but this time he would have revealed what he really thinks.

    Although it has not always been so, After the assault on the Capitol, McCarthy assured that part of that disturbance was the responsibility of TrumpHowever, both had a meeting, after which the president of the House of Representatives showed his unconditional support.

    While Trump always supported McCarthy in the January vote so that he became the new speaker of the Chamber; It should be remembered that that vote was not easy, even the candidate for the White House for 2024 had to make a couple of calls to some “rebel Republicans” to vote in his favor.

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    Despite McCarthy’s statements, the former president leads polls in recent weeks as a favorite in the Republican presidential primarydespite the fact that the corridor rumor assures that the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, can beat him at the polls.

    McCarthy’s statements led the press to question both the spokesman for the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the former President of the United States, but so far they have remained silent.

    After his first statement, McCarthy reappeared on CNBC where his position was totally different and threw several flowers at the former president.

    McCarthy noted that if Trump is the nominee, then “policy by policy, it’s not good for the Republicans, it’s good for America. Trump’s policies are better, simpler, than Biden’s”.

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    And he even pointed out that to this day Trump is stronger than in 2016The reason “Biden is using his armed federal government to go after President Trump is because he is Biden’s strongest political opponent, polls show.”

    Although he acknowledged that the accusations against Trump, as well as other investigations, they “complicate him on the way”, but he will know how to get ahead.

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    Source: La Opinion

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