PoliticsMcCarthy criticizes McConnell's proposed spending plan

    McCarthy criticizes McConnell’s proposed spending plan

    House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy publicly criticized Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan, to approve a general spending package before Christmas, and with this it provokes more severe tensions between the Republican leaders of the Senate and the House.

    McConnell’s Senate allies say McCarthy’s criticism ‘doesn’t help’ to his efforts to pass a year-end spending package and avoid a government shutdown. They are also concerned that this could be the forerunner of a potentially “challenging” working relationship between the two at the next Congress, noted The Hill newspaper.

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    McCarthy told Fox News that he hopes Senate Republicans don’t vote for the omnibus spending bill, arguing it could save nearly $100 billion in taxpayer money by voting instead for a stopgap measure that would freeze federal funding levels until next year, when Republicans take control of the House.

    “They are trying to block us right before Christmas. Why would you go ahead when there is a change of power in 21 days where the Republicans would have a stronger hand? We would not be talking about adding more money. We would talk about diminishingMcCarthy stressed.

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    Senate Republicans predict that Kevin McCarthy, or anyone else elected president in 2023, will struggle to pass spending bills and will have to rely on House Democratic votes, as a group of House conservatives is unlikely to vote for appropriations legislation.

    McCarthy himself has yet to get the majority of the House votes he needs to become Speaker of the House due in 2018, amid opposition from a group of hardline conservatives.

    “He has a very small majority and I know he knows it’s going to be difficult. do some of the things that you want to do,” said Sen. John Cornyn, an adviser to the Senate GOP leadership team and a representative for McConnell.

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    Fox News questioned Cornyn about the criticism: “I think it’s going to be a challenge every day.”

    Senate Republicans warn that if McCarthy doesn’t tone down his rhetoric, he could well end up with a mess of spending bills when Republicans take control of the House next year.

    Source: La Opinion

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